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Jones Beach Photo Splash

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Take to the beach to photograph the nexus of land and water, summer crowds and birds in flight, and the strongest patterns of light and dark. This class involves bringing our cameras very close to water's edge, and at times we will also step in to photograph from a less dry vantage point, while taking precautions to protect our gear as much as possible.   

On a summer day, Jones Beach is a busy spot, one of the area's popular waterfront locations with plenty for photographers to focus on. Participants will be encouraged to bring two cameras, one for land use, the other acceptable for water exposure or protected with a plastic bag. Film cameras are also a good option for beach activity, as are non-expensive digital models that can be risked in order to catch more powerful water shots. The goal on the beach is to travel light, focusing on the image and less on an array of sophisticated equipment. The results are worth the effort.

The Jones Beach Photo Splash is one of a series of NYC area classes that I teach. See the entire schedule and sign up for my class mailing list to hear about new dates for workshops and photo outings.

Hope you can join us!

Jones Beach Photo Splash  $185/bring a friend $150

Aug 9      11:00am-4:00pm


(Our meeting point and other details will be sent to registrants)