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Have you ever wanted to get feedback about your photographs, or wondered what deeper meaning other people might find in them? This class is a photographic discussion on a lawn in Central Park, a chance to see the work of others in the group and to contemplate the stories of our lives that are present or imagined in the pictures we encounter. What do you think a photograph is saying, what does it remind you of in your own life, what's happening in the image, what emotions do you feel when you see it for the very first time, and then when you study it further?  

Participants are required to bring two different images, their own work printed on 11x14 paper. The many prints are arranged on the ground, presented to others to choose from and comment on in
a group discussion that follows. At the conclusion of the program, everyone will have the option of selling or trading their photographic prints with others in the group. This two hour program is a chance to gain important insights and also walk away with some new art at a great price!

The Photography on the Lawn session is one of a series of NYC area classes that I teach. See the entire schedule and sign up for my class mailing list to hear about new dates for workshops and photo outings.

Hope you can join us!

Photography on the Lawn  $75

July 28       6:30pm-8:00pm
Aug 23      10:30am-12:00pm 

(Our meeting point and other details will be sent to registrants)